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John "Louie" Lyons


Date and Place of Birth: July 11, 1894 New York, NY
Date and Place of Death:    July 4, 1919 Cumberland, MD
Baseball Experience: Minor League
Position: Pitcher
Rank: Sergeant
Military Unit: Quartermaster Corps, US Army
Area Served: United States

John C. “Louie” Lyons was born July 11, 1894 in New York. At the age of 22, he was signed by the Chambersburg Maroons of the Class D Blue Ridge League in 1917 (the team moved to Cumberland midway through the season) and made six appearances for a 1-5 record.

Lyons served with the Army during the First World War, attaining the rank of sergeant and remained in service after the cease of hostilities in November 1918.

In July 1919, Sgt. Lyons was pitching for the Washington Naval Yard’s team where both Army and Navy personnel were stationed. The team travelled to Cumberland, Maryland on the 4th to play a holiday game. After the game, the team took a trolley back to the train station. Lyons, who was reported holding on to a bar on the trolley steps, fell out of the trolley when it hit a bump, and suffered a fatal head injury.

He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

Thanks to Mark C. Zeigler for help with this biography.

Date Added: March 3, 2013

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