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George Sinks


Date and Place of Birth: 1898 Dayton, OH
Date and Place of Death:    March 10, 1918 Recreation Park Base 2, Naval Station Norfolk, VA
Baseball Experience: Amateur
Position: Unknown
Rank: Musician, Second Class
Military Unit: US Navy
Area Served: United States

19-year-old George Sinks is possibly the only serviceman to lose his life while playing baseball.

George D. Sinks, the son of Korah and Mantie Sinks, was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1898. His father was postmaster of East Dayton branch office and the family home was at 22 Pioneer Street in Dayton.

Still a teenager, he served with the United States Navy during World War One as a musician, second class, aboard the dreadnought USS Nevada (BB-36).

The Nevada was based at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia. On March 10, 1918, Sinks was playing baseball at Recreation Park Base 2 at Norfolk, when he was struck in the chest by the ball. The 19-year-old musician died without regaining consciousness.

George Sinks received at military burial at Shiloh Park Cemetery in Ohio. A monument donated by his shipmates, marks his grave.

George Sinks Grave

George Sinks' grave at Shiloh Park Cemetery in Ohio

Newark Advocate, March 16, 1918
New York Evening Telegram, March 18, 1918

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