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Allen Talley


Date and Place of Birth: Circa. 1894 New York, NY
Date and Place of Death:    October 7, 1918 near St. Etienne, France
Baseball Experience: College
Position: Unknown
Rank: First Lieutenant
Military Unit: Company A, 5th Machine Gun Company, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Division US Army
Area Served: France

Allen W. Talley attended the Barnard School for Boys in New York and then Princeton (Class of 1916) where he played varsity baseball as well as being editor of The Princetonian.

Talley attended the first Plattsburg Camp, a military officer training camp that was the forerunner of ROTC. Following graduation he was stationed briefly in Syracuse and went to France in September 1917, serving with Company A of the 5th Machine Gun Company

On October 7, 1918, 24-year-old First Lieutenant Talley was killed by a high explosive shell while his company was advancing on the Blanc Mont Ridge with the Third Battalion of the 23rd Infantry, 2nd Division. He remained conscious for about 15 minutes after the fatal explosion and continued to direct his company's advance until succumbing to his wounds.

Talley was buried in the French town of St. Etienne shortly after his death and was posthumously awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French Government. The order read as follws:

With the approbation of the Commander in Chief of the American Expeditionary Forces in France, the Marshal of France. Commander in Chief of the French Armies of the East, cites: In the Order of tho Army Corps.

Lieut Allen W. Talley. Fifth Machine Gun Battalion - From October 2-7, 1918, near Blanc Mont he displayed remarkable courage and coolness in advancing with his section under violent
bombardment "Was killed while looking for a shelter for his men.

At General Headquarters, December 23. 1918.

Today, he rests at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in Lorraine, France.

New York Sun, March 23, 1919

Thanks to Davis O. Barker for "finding" Allen Talley.

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